Isolat – 1g


0% THC | 99,92% CBD
CBD isolate is a fine white powder containing 99% pure CBD. This pure crystalline is the most concentrated form of CBD available on the market. CBD is extracted from organic hemp plants, using a special technology that ensures a result of exceptional quality and purity.

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One of the many nice things about CBD isolate is that it’s super easy to use. Because it’s a powder, CBD isolate can be used in a wide variety of ways:

– Cook it
CBD isolate powder can be added to all your sweet and salty recipes: mix it into brownies, cookies, salad dressings, lasagna.

– Infuse it
Add some CBD powder to honey or agave for an infused dietary supplement. You can do this by using a water bath to gently dissolve the CBD in the honey without burning anything.

– Vaporize it
Mix a small amount of CBD isolate into vape oil product or e-liquid for a CBD e-liquid.

– Make your own CBD oil
Add a small amount of CBD isolate to coconut oil, hemp oil or any other edible oil of your choice.

– Create your own cosmetics

CBD isolate can be incorporated into your body or facial creams, purchased commercially or DIY made. Rubbing the cream on the skin maximizes the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of CBD.

Find all our recipes on the blog.

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Peso20 g
Dimensioni8 × 13 × 2 cm


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