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Huile CBD Animaux (10mL)



Pour vos animaux domestiques nous vous proposons notre huile de chanvre riche en cbd de qualité supérieure extraite de chanvre bio cultivé en suisse.
Nous y avons ajouté une délicieuse saveur de poulet que vos animaux apprécieront particulièrement.


Just like for humans, CBD oil provides animals with relaxation and well-being. It can help relieve some pathology such as tremors, pain due to old age, arthritis, stress or anxiety due to separation for example.


After shaking the bottle well, mix a few drops in your pet’s food or simply place a few drops in the pet’s mouth.

Recommended dosage

Each drop contains 0.5mg of CBD and 1ml contains 10mg of CBD.
It is advisable to start with a starting dose of 1mg / kg once a day. Some of our clients give their pets up to 2-3mg / kg 3 times a day.

Our pipettes are graduated and you can refer to the chart below to help you properly perform your dosages.

% of CBD 1%
mg of CBD for 1ml of oil 100mg
mg of CBD for one drop of oil 0.5mg


The best way to conserve you CBD oil is to keep it away from light and heat. The shelf life of CBD oil is about 2 years.

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