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Beurre de Marrakech

Marrakech Butter

6 August 2020

Marrakech Butter

Cannabis butter or Marrakesh butter is the base of most cannabis recipes. Here you will find the easiest recipe and good advice on how to make a good butter.

The recipe uses cannabis flowers, we recommend the Mango, which bring a little sweetness and a subtle candy smell to your preparation. If you grow your own plants you can also include any leftovers, especially pruned leaves, which have more cannabinoids than stems or branches.

Marrakech Butter

  • Time

    2:00 to 6:00*

  • CBD


  • Difficulty


  • Pots and pans
  • A blender
  • A wooden spoon
  • A sieve 
  • Storage container


  • 10 grams of cannabis flowers or your leftovers
  • Butter ( 250gr for 1L of water )
  • Water

*Preparation time may vary depending on the quantity, and the preparation must be left for 1 night in the freezer.

1. Grind your grass as finely as possible using a blender or knife to increase the surface area contact and thus enhance the power of the mixture.

The manufacture of cannabis butter is based on the way the fats in the cannabis herb bind with those in the butter during the heating process. This is why it is important to have as large a reaction area as possible. More surface area means more cannabis oil which means better quality butter.

2. Choose your pan carefully according to the amount of butter you want to make. You need to ensure there is space for the water to boil. Fill this pot with the crushed cannabis.

Once the mixture starts to boil, bubbles of water and fat will form. If you overfill your pot, boiling water and fat can spread everywhere burning you and turning your kitchen into a battlefield.

3. Then add 250g of butter cut into pieces and 1L of water for every 10g of flowers. If you use leaves, add 250g of butter per litre of water. The ratio is 1 to 4, butter to water.

Do not fill your pan more than 2 thirds full to avoid any risk of spillage.

4. You can now heat your “soup”. There are two different options here, each with its own supporters. You can either bring the water to a very high temperature, causing it to boil quickly and violently, or you can bring it to 100°c slowly.

Violent boiling is much faster, but you risk losing CBD particles with accelerated evaporation. Boiling at lower temperatures takes longer, but you will lose less CBD. We advise you to experiment on your own to find the best result for you.

5. While you are boiling the mixture, stir regularly with a wooden spoon and add more water when the mixture has reduced by half due to evaporation.

Depending on the boiling speed, you will have to add water more or less often.

6. Your butter is ready when you notice a separation of the liquid, with a large amount of oil floating on top.

This can take at least 1 hour or longer depending on the quantity of butter.

7. When you notice this separation, let it cool for a good ¼ hour, so that you don’t burn yourself.  

8. Then filter your “soup” through a sieve to remove the crushed grass.

With gloves on, squeeze the grass through a tissue into the container to get any remaining oil out of it. There will be a lot left in the grass you have just filtered, you should be able to extract a reasonable amount. The grass can also be stored for later use: season a salad or incorporate it into other dishes. This herb still contains a small amount of cannabinoids.

9. Put your filtered “soup” in the refrigerator overnight.

Your soup should normally consist of fat floating on a layer of water. Overnight in the refrigerator will solidify the butter.

10. The next day, gently remove the layer of cannabis butter.ez délicatement la couche de beurre de cannabis.

Be careful not to spill the remaining water or drop the butter into it, as this can get very messy very quickly.

11. Now that you have your cannabis butter, you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

If you want to make it last longer, you can keep it in the freezer to use it at your own pace. We recommend that you freeze it in small quantities so that you do not have to defrost it all at once.

There you go! You now have your cannabis butter ready to be used as a base for all your cannabis recipes or spread it straight on toast!

Additional tips:
We recommend wearing long-sleeved clothing and heat-resistant gloves to avoid burning yourself, especially if you are clumsy !

You should try a small amount of your butter before using it in your recipes to test the strength.

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