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Honey recipe Tutti Fruity

18 January 2021

Tutti Fruity bramble honey recipe

Honey and CBD are two gifts from nature to keep us healthy by preserving us in many ways.

The use of honey as a remedy dates back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The earliest illustrations of beekeeping date back to 7000 B.C. It was the discovery of ancient Egyptian artifacts that showed how widespread the collection of bees and the harvesting of honey had become. Honey was used as an aid to heal wounds and ulcers, and was consumed as a syrup and elixir for general health. Combining honey and CBD allows you to enjoy both of their natural healing properties.

Tutti Fruity bramble honey

  • Time

    35min + 10h

  • CBD


  • Difficulty


  • A pan
  • An oven
  • Glass oven dish
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cheesecloth fabrics
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • Hermetically sealed glass jars for packaging




If you want to eat your CBD and receive all the benefits it contains (and the ingredients you prepare with it) you must first decarboxylate it. Without going into technical details, the decarboxylation process involves converting CBD-A into its non-acidic molecule CBD.

This increases the desired therapeutic effects. This is not as hard as it sounds. All it takes is a little heat! To achieve this, you have to lightly cook your cannabis.

1. Set your oven to 120°C.

Make sure you preheat your oven until the desired temperature is reached.

2. Distribute your 30gr de trim Tutti Fruity ground trim evenly in your glass dish.

Remember to grind the heads or prunings well. A fine grind will optimise your decarboxylation.

3. Cover your baking dish with aluminium foil.

4.  Place the dish in the oven for 30 minutes.

5. Remove your baking dish from the oven and allow it to cool

Not so hard after all? You’ve become a real decarboxylation pro!

As you are going to use this newly decarboxylated cannabis for your tincture, you shouldn’t worry about storing it. However, if you do decide to store it for later, always use an airtight glass jar. Now that your trim is ready, let’s move on to the tinting process.


1. Heat the desired amount of honey in a pan to a temperature of about 60°C, this should make it more liquid and therefore easier to work with.

You can add between 250gr to 1kg of honey. Naturally, the less honey you add, the stronger your tincture will be.

2. Take your decarboxylated CBD and wrap it in thick or lined cheesecloth. Tie your fabric tightly so that the CBD cannot escape from it.

You can do this by knotting or twisting the ends. You want to have a kind of large tea bag with flowers.

3. Place your well tied CBD bag in the pan with the honey.

4. Set your oven at 100°C.

You don’t want to overcook the tincture because it could burn.

5. At this temperature you should let your preparation simmer between 8 and 10 hours. Stir every hour to even out the infusion.

If it boils, turn off the oven for a little while.

6. After cooking, let your preparation cool overnight to make sure it is cold enough to handle.

7. The next day, take out your cheesecloth bag containing the decarboxylated CBD. It will be completely saturated with honey and you will need to squeeze it well to get the honey out of the bag.

8. Pour your tincture into airtight glass jars.

Now that your Honey Cannabis Tincture is finished, you can add it to tea, coffee or any other recipe you like. You will love the soothing effects of the tincture no matter how you use it.

Bon appétit !

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